Say good-bye to the American Dream
A.K.A. Death to the American Dream
by Victor the SnakeMannn
March 22nd 2010 ~ Rev. July 9th

Welcome to A.S.S. American Socialist States!

OBAMA!!! Making AMERICANs into AmeriCan'ts!!!

July 9th, 2010

Karl Marx!!! I hope you are lovin your pupil, our president!!! I hope he is living up to your standards!!!

Well with the vote on the Slaughtered Health Care Bill on March 21st, 2010, the American Dream is officially gone! What is the American Dream? Let's take a look at this for a minute. In my life growing up and learning all that I know and seeing all I have seen and hearing all I have heard, the American Dream is to be One's Self and to be Proud of your country! Let's look at One's Self. Up until now, you could dream up something, doesn't matter how absurd or obscure, you could dream it up in whatever form it may take or shape it may appear in and you were free to try to make this happen! Let's take an example from history. Some dude took a piece of glass, put a filament into it, vacuumed out all the air and put electricity and it glowed! It's now what we call a LIGHT BULB! Just a year earlier, people scoffed at this and said it was not possible and it could not be done! Now we have all matter of lights everywhere we go because someone dreamed it and then worked to make it a reality even in the face of discouragement! Even the symbol for a Great Idea is the Light bulb! So if you think it, you can try and try until you succeed or fail to create your own American Dream! To some it's just a mom and pop corner market in a little community. They take what capital they have and invest it in their dream to supply a need in their community. Or it could be as simple and putting a motor in a crescent wrench and winning Invention of the Year and Craftsmen Tools buying the invention for $40 Million. It could be working hard hours in a few restaurants, putting yourself through Acting school to go on and act for 20 years before eventually winning an Oscar, or it could be working hard your whole life, putting yourself through college to work hard for your community and state and becoming the Governor and then Vice Presidential Candidate of the USA! Everyone has dreams and aspirations on how to make America the Greatest Country in the world which we have been up until this point! Some people think of something which the people either want or need and see the demand and create a whole industry which supply's jobs and opportunity and money that is circulated through the communities where the jobs are.

Yes there are unscrupulous people and frauds and people who find it easier to steal money but that is another story. Not all capitalists are bad and out to rip people off as Michael Moore tried to depict in his stupid movie. Like I noted above, a Mom and Pop who take all their money and invest it in a little market and maybe hire a couple people in their community to try to make enough of a profit to live decently on without taking from others is Capitalism and is Not a bad thing. Someone who comes up with an idea the people need and creates x number of jobs in their community, state or around the country is not a bad evil person who wants to steal your money. But now the Government wants to FORCE them to pay more and steal the money and dreams of the American People who want to live the American Dream! Michael Moore set out to say the Owner's of companies are stealing from their employees by making astronomical amounts of money while their employees only make so much. I did not see the employees putting up their own money for his ideas or making investments in his company, nor did I hear of them coming up with his ideas. Why should they be paid equally because he took the venture and risk and gave them all jobs that they did not have before? Michael Moore said all this in his movie about how bad Capitalists are. But I am sure as he is worth well over $100 Million dollars that you gave to him by watching his movies. I am sure he had regular people making regular pay for their regular jobs of making his movies. He made all the profits! He is not sharing all his profits and making the same wages he paid all of them!!! He's is every bit the Capitalist Pig he has set out to call all the people he accused of the same thing! Plus it doesn't look like he's ever missed a meal!!!

What is my American Dream? My dream is to create a few of my inventions which would help the majority of Americans, which in making these things creates good jobs which the people who have these jobs would have money to spend at Mom and Pop stores and when there are more people in stores buying more things, Mom and Pop have to get bigger stores and hire more people who make more money and spend more and then other stores need to expand creating more jobs creating more money and so on. I want to create multiple businesses that create many many jobs around the country which will spring up other jobs to supplement the creation of business hence the American Dream. But now with the vote that was taken in congress and now signed into law by obummer, these dreams are shattered! What motivation do I have now to do these things?

In order to make something for $1 and sell it for $2 I now would have to come up with 4 times as much money as needed and pay out 4 times as much just to try to make $1, and now I would have to sell it for $5. But I would lose money as no one could prosper by making their products too expensive for people to buy and employees too expensive to hire. It would be easier to sit at home and get free healthcare and get free money from the Government as a lot of people now currently do and even more will do soon.

If I owned a business right now, I would just fire everyone and close up shop and go to the unemployment office and collect 99 weeks of free money, not pay any taxes and sit back and watch what happens. I had a business in Hollywood ( making Jewelry, supplying TV shows and Movies and Rock Stars and TV and Movie Stars as well as a lot of regular people with cool jewelry that they wanted to wear. Then the Writer's Guild, Yes the Writer's Union had to whine that they could not make enough money and whined that they wanted more money for little to no work, (and you could hardly call writing work when they make a lot of money already sometimes even millions for a couple hours of work) so they went on strike and basically shut down Hollywood and put thousands and thousands of people out of work. It closed hundreds of businesses that could not sustain no one buying their products as well as my business. I lost everything. My Business, my home, and all my savings. It's been 6 years and I still have not recovered. But 1 group of people who instead of doing other things to make an honest buck, or who could get better contracts if they wanted for their services if they didn't like what was being offered when they were hired decided to hold Hollywood Hostage costing America Billions in the process and what do we get for it? More stupid reality shows which need no writers, less good quality shows on TV and more stupid movies by the companies hiring people to write for what they could get. And what else? The shows all suck, the movies all suck and the writing has NOT gotten any better!!! And what's up with every show saying "Coming up next..."? Hello??? A commercial for the show you are watching during the show you are watching? A spoiler that you have to watch twice? How much did they edit out that could have been in for us to not have to watch before every commercial break?? If they were going to go on strike, why did their work fall far short of getting any better? And while I am on the topic of unions, Unions are the true downfall of the American Dream. You could create a great Business but then the union could shut you down and hold you hostage by extorting money then draining your company and dream right into the gutter. Look at what Unions did for Detroit! The Actor's Guild went on strike a few years ago and what happened? You have a few millionaire actors get on TV and whine that people had to be waiters and busboys to make ends meet and then what did the production companies do? They made cartoon or animated commercials, and cartoon movies and put people in silhouette and did voice overs and then got around all their demands of residuals by not hiring actors at all. Wow, yet again, look at what Unions did for America!!! It's never been about unfair Business Practices, it's always been about What the Unions could get through Extortion!

If people do not like their jobs, or if they do not like their pay, you know what? YOU CAN FIND ANOTHER JOB or CREATE YOUR OWN COMPANY!! That is the AMERICAN DREAM! You don't whine, you don't complain, you don't stop working, you don't EXTORT your company for more money!!! Really?

So now we have the Vote in Congress. They had Nothing to vote for. They Voted a fake bill that was not yet passed in the Senate but was just said to be passed.

The Slaughter Rule (by Rep. David Dreier R., Calif.), “With the Slaughter Solution, House Democrats have exposed themselves as willing to abandon the most fundamental element of legislating – a transparent, up-or-down vote— in order to achieve a unpopular partisan objective.  This is highly disturbing and in some ways, dangerous.  The American people do not want this health care bill and they certainly don’t want the democratic process turned on its head in an effort to pass it over their objections.”

demoncrats in the house have made an illegal vote against the will of the people. obummer has made an illegal law against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!! Like I have said, the only people who want this are people who do not work or pay taxes and get free everything already, and rich people who do not pay taxes that have government jobs and get it free already as well as the Unions which will NOT be taxed or affected financially! They have said there are Republican ideas in this bill and that it is Bi Partisan, but with not 1 Republican voting for this and not allowing Republicans to come to the table and not allowing the American People to see who wrote this bill or see what is in it, and not debating the many many topics and pork in it and not being transparent as all promised it would be, is a violation of your rights as well as a violation of their oath of office and a Violation of your Constitutional Rights as an American!! The ONLY Republican ideas put in this bill will be things Republicans need for their communities that will be called Pork by the left for putting these things in this bill to make the demoncrats appear to look better thus distracting you from the real issues of them Ripping off the American Dream from the American People! The demoncrats in power now really do not care if they lose their jobs in the Fall. They are all Lawyers and millionaires who can either just retire as some will be doing, or go to work for all the big companies they are bashing now in public meanwhile keeping a severance package of benefits and tax loopholes they created to not contribute to what they are forcing the American People to pay for. I mean Really? Where are all the conspiracies theorists and investigative journalists on this? These people in power have written laws into power for themselves to not contribute to what they demand us all to pay for. So what if they lose their jobs in November, they DO NOT CARE!!! It will NOT HURT THEM!! They STILL GET PAID and DO NOT PAY!!! I mean if you do not care about your money, why are you even reading this?

THIS IS NOT ABOUT HEALTH CARE!!! We have the greatest Health Care IN THE WORLD!!! Anyone, man woman or child, regardless of nationality, standing or citizenship can get treated at the best hospitals in American 24/7/365! If you do not have the money, America already pays for it! It's never been about Health Care! It's about POWER! It's about Progressives taking over and RULING AMERICA! It's about SOCIALISM!!! MARXISM!!! COMMUNISM!!! They are all ADMITTED Socialists, Marxists and Communists!!! They admit it and do not hide these facts! obummer and all he has hired in the white house have said what they plan to do to America and what they are going to do to Americans and the American Dream! It's not a conspiracy, it's on tape in their own words! IT'S ALL ON TAPE!!! Google it!!! They have repeatedly told America and Americans and the WORLD what they plan to do to you and me!

Ok, so let's say this guy who made the invention that put a motor in a Crescent Wrench hence making work easier and him making $40 million for his idea and American Dream, let's say he is told it's wrong for him having created all the jobs to make these things for the world's marketplace and the people to use. It's wrong for him to have made this much money for something so simple and there are people who do not work, and who need this money for their illegitimate children they keep having and to support their drug habits and so they can buy cigarettes and alcohol and sit at home watching their big screens getting fatter and fatter then getting sick because of the way they choose to live because the government makes their lifestyle available for them to live that way and then forcing him to give the money he made to these people. Why is He WRONG and what they do Right? The system that will now be put into place will take money from people who work and EARN it and just give it to people for FREE who do not produce or do ANYTHING for ANYONE other than themselves!!! I bet if the government were to do drug, alcohol and cigarette tests on everyone who is on welfare in America, and deny them money if they do these things with the money they make from you and me, I bet you could knock off 90% of them from the dolls hence saving the American People $$ Trillions per year thus fixing America!!

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You have no idea how many times on the 1st of the month I see people at the grocery store with steak and all the name brands in their baskets and pay with food stamps!!

This bill has $500 Billion in Medicare Cuts, and they say there is more than $500 Billion in Medicare fraud, that's $1 Trillion Dollars of YOUR MONEY!!! What does this fix? NOTHING!!! Today Everything about America is Different and has changed. There will no longer be an American Dream except for those who do not have anything and will continue to get everything for free at your expense! Like I said, the Rich demoncrats have written into the law their ticket out. They have written laws that exempt them from having to pay for any of this.

"In 2008 alone, 447 House employees and 231 Senate workers didn’t pay their taxes, according to figures from the IRS, Office of Personnel Management, and Department of Defense. Federal employees in the U.S. House of Representatives owed more than $5.8 million in unpaid taxes in 2008. The Senate employees owe more than $2.46 million, according to figures." (By ERIKA LOVLEY 3/4/10) These numbers will grow exponentially as we find the 2009 numbers. Legislation that would have forced government and Hill staffers to pay back taxes or lose their jobs was pulled from House committee markup after demoncrats hit the brakes.

The ONLY thing these new laws will do for America is to Raise new Taxes, Cost Business Owners to either pay up or close down their businesses thus laying off all their employees thus putting more people on the dolls of government handouts, make Doctors and Hospitals raise prices to cover the losses deemed necessary by the demoncrats who put this into effect, cause massive lay offs across the country so business can service for what people can afford to pay out, and make even more people in America get more free money they do not have to account for.

Here's what I wrote March 15th 2010.

70 people die each day without Health Care Insurance!!!

Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin said today that 70 people each day die without health care insurance! Ok, so how many of those were in car accidents? On a Plane Crash? Walking across the street? Were those people in that statistic? How many people die every day WITH Health Insurance? How many people die each day with all their bills paid, everything going good for them and their family? Where are those statistics? If you are just going to throw out a statistic, where did you get your number and why not throw out all of the info? You know what? People DIE every minute of every day. With or WITHOUT Health Insurance and can live perfect lives. Teddy Kennedy had the BEST Health Care in the world and yet he still died! More Blacks in America DIE from getting KILLED by other Blacks than all other deaths that happen to Blacks COMBINED!!! How come that statistic was not brought up? More people die from Abortion EVERY DAY than die from NOT having Health care Insurance! Fuck you demoncrat LIARS and SCAMMERS!!! People DIE!!! We are appointed a time to be born and a time to DIE! Having Insurance does not matter!!! If it did, Kennedy would still be alive!!!

Victor the SnakeMannn
March 15th, 2010

Here is a Letter I wrote to the FBI

Dear FBI

All the demoncrats that voted for the fabricated illegal health care bill tonight in congress have violated their oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States of America! I want all 219 to be brought up on charges of Treason to the American people who have called and emailed and sent letters and protested against them doing this to the American people! Enforce the Laws of the US Constitution and bring these people to Justice and hold them accountable!!!

And just in case this is made into a law, I hereby refuse to buy their health care insurance and I refuse to pay for people who do not work to get free money and health care! I am conspiring this right now as I type this so I am admitting to Conspiracy to break the law, you must arrest me now!

This is the email I sent to the FBI. You can go to and click Contact and send your own!!!
FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000
Please call and report the Congress who voted for this as criminals!

Victor Wolder
No longer a Proud American citizen!

So that's how I feel. We are no longer represented in Government as they are not working for the people but for the unions and their own agendas! obummer said and campaigned on Transparency, changing the way Government did things, kicking out all the special interests and lobbyists out of the way Government does things etc... He has violated every one of these promises, lied to you and me and the 60+ million voters who voted for him. He is ONLY about Special Interests and Lobbyists and has them working for him in the white house! He has hired KNOWN, ADMITTED COMMUNISTS and MARXISTS and SOCIALISTS and PEOPLE WHO HATE AMERICA and the AMERICAN DREAM in the WHITE HOUSE!!! He hired a ISRAELI JEW WHO HATES ISRAEL!!! He has people working in the White House who love Mao Zedong!

myl04[1].jpg (31805 bytes)

He only killed 70 million people who disagreed with him! Yeah, a great American role model!!!

They are ignoring us and we as a country need to stand up and revolt against Communism, Marxism, Socialism and Nationalism!!! These ideas all are NOT AMERICAN and go against the U.S. Constitution and the American Dream! We do not have the right to free health care, but we DO have the RIGHT TO: LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! These 3 things have just been stolen from the American People! My Liberty is now gone as I will be forced to do what I do not want to do by the government. My Pursuit of Happiness is gone as if I try to be happy by living the American Dream, I will be taxed out of existence by the government! Thus I will live an unhappy Life!

So in closing, it doesn't matter if you call your representatives. They do not care.   But you have to contribute of your own free will to those who will stand up to them and run for office against them.  You have to stand up and take action and pursue the American Dream so we can Take Back America! You have to attend Rallies and events and stand up to the oppositional forces who will continue to call you names and lie about you and what you believe in and continue to try to destroy America and the American Dream!!! If you look at the Protests that have taken place in the US since the 60's against the Government, most have been about destruction of property, violence and death as well as bombings and murders. Many of these people who were involved in all these are now in power or controlling those who are in power. But if you look over the past year at the Americans and Tea Party Protests, who has been arrested? What has been destroyed? Millions of people across the country, probably more people than all the left protests over the past 40 years, and what? NOTHING!!!

We the People need to stand up and TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!


We have been peaceable and orderly and have just protested with common sense! We have to get off our couches and get involved and stand up as did Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington and stand up to the powers who are stealing our RIGHTS!!! Who are Stealing our Money!!! Who are Stealing OUR FREEDOM!!! WHO ARE STEALING THE AMERICAN WAY AND THE AMERICAN DREAM!!! Let us use their tactics against them!!! Let's Boycott businesses that they support and who support them!!! Let's gather and stop everything and just sit there until they force us to move! Let's revolt against them! If you own a business, I'm sorry to your workers, but you should lay everyone off and close your doors! They will go on the government welfare and you will no longer pay taxes. We can stand up and reverse this doctrine of "Those who Have paying for those who Choose Not to Contribute!" We can Take Back American and get back our rights and get back the American Dream but we need to use their ammunition against them!!! If they want the government to pay for them all, we must all be come them all and force them to see their errors and reverse this order! We must strip them of their rights to control the American People rather than to SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE as they were hired to do!!! They work for US!



Victor the SnakeMannn
March 22nd, 2010 ~ Rev. July 9th

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